The Role of Counseling in Reverse Mortgages

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Attending required counseling is crucial for seniors seeking a reverse mortgage. It provides unbiased information and helps them make informed financial decisions. With counseling, seniors can explore alternative options and determine whether a reverse mortgage is right for their unique situation. By attending counseling, seniors can avoid scams or predatory lending practices and ensure they… Read more »

5 Essential Tips for Healthy Seniors

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healthy seniors

What’s one of the biggest challenges for healthy seniors? Many will say staying healthy is the hardest part. It can be challenging to develop healthy habits that stick. Your attitude is your number one ally. Here are 5 essential tips for healthy seniors. 1. Healthy Seniors Keep Active: Lifting weights and doing strenuous cardio is… Read more »

Things to Consider If You’re Retiring in 2017

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retiring in 2017

With 2016 coming to a close, retiring in 2017 is more and more likely for many seniors. Are you ready to launch the groundwork and foundation for a successful and stress-free departure from the workforce? Retiring in 2017 If you’re retiring in 2017, few things need to be put into consideration when it comes to your… Read more »

How To Retire The Right Way

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how to retire

Whatever your retirement dream – from a home in the sun, a boat on a river, or simply digging about in the garden – all of these things are possible with careful planning. Here’s how to retire the right way: How to Retire: Patience Pays Off Financially speaking, the ‘cost of delay’ in terms of… Read more »

How Not To Spend Your Retirement Counting Pennies

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counting pennies

Counting pennies? If you’re considering retirement within the next five years or so, you’re about to be faced with a number of important choices, and the decisions you make before retirement, as well as during, can have long-lasting consequences or rewards. The choice is yours! Counting Pennies, No More The years leading up to retirement are… Read more »

5 Spending Habits That Can Help You Retire Cheap

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retire cheap

Want to retire cheap? Baby boomers planning to retire are finding a new obstacle that their parents and grandparents didn’t face: living longer. This means that boomers have to be more diligent in their budgeting and savings, and need to stay in control of their life and adjust to living on a fixed income. It’s easy to… Read more »