Did You Know? Social Security Benefits Cut if You Retire Early

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social security benefits cut

Social Security Benefits Cut Alot of seniors are not aware if they retire early their social security benefits can be cut drastically. A typical social security retiree can start taking benefits as early as age 62, but your income will be substantially higher if you are willing to wait. Don’t let your social security benefits get… Read more »

Poor Savings Habits Hinder Retirement Plans

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poor savings habits

As we speak to more and more seniors close to retiring we are noticing that many are very insecure about retirement. The major reason is uncertainty with the economy, poor savings habits, and financial markets. Poor Savings Habits Hurt You in the Long Run The typical working household close to retirement age had only 111k… Read more »

Are Reverse Mortgages A Scam?

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reverse mortgages scam

Love them or hate them reverse mortgages are here to stay.  We typically see reverse mortgage commercials on tv portrayed by some type of tv personality or celebrity, so it’s no surprise when people are a bit skeptical. Reverse Mortgages – Scam or Real? To help us understand if reverse mortgages are a scam we… Read more »