Social Security Myths Debunked

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Social Security provides critical benefits to many elderly beneficiaries and is a big deal to millions of Americans.  The majority of retirees get and depend on Social Security for 50% or more of their income.  There is a lot of confusion over what Social Security can and will deliver or even whether it will continue… Read more »

Quick Financial Tips for Seniors

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As seniors get older, they often face issues in how to maintain their current lifestyles and pay for unexpected expenses, such as medical bills, on a fixed income for the upcoming years to come.  Here are quick financial tips for seniors to consider in managing their retirement money. Getting help – decide if you need… Read more »

Most Important Reverse Mortgage Questions

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Reverse Mortgages are making a quiet comeback as a great financial tool for retirees.  While many seniors are interested in getting a reverse mortgage, they have many questions and concerns.  There are plenty of myths and facts out there regarding reverse mortgages but we wanted the Top Most Important Reverse Mortgage Questions answered so the seniors,… Read more »