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What’s one of the biggest challenges for healthy seniors? Many will say staying healthy is the hardest part. It can be challenging to develop healthy habits that stick. Your attitude is your number one ally. Here are 5 essential tips for healthy seniors.

1. Healthy Seniors Keep Active:

Lifting weights and doing strenuous cardio is not necessarily the best way to keep active at an older age and actually could put too much pressure on joints and knees. Studies show that simple walking or swimming are some of the best exercises to increase energy, reduce stress and maintain a healthy seniors lifestyle.

2. Eat Well:

Listen to your body when it comes to nutrition. Food is a vital component in our lives but while there are many healthy choices out there, with our busy lives we tend to go for the fast, easy meals that most of the time are harmful to our well-being.

Being mindful of sodium and sugar is key in keeping a healthy weight and lifestyle for healthy seniors.
Calcium and Vitamin D are one of the most important supplements in preventing illnesses.

3. Quit Smoking:

One of the most critical steps to take is to quit smoking. The list of negative effects smoking has on your body is extensive; some of them include increased skin aging and loss of elasticity, erectile dysfunction in men, increased risk of heart failure and stroke and numerous kinds of cancer. Remember that it is never too late to quick smoking.

4. Immunizations and Health Screenings:

Women over 50 should be getting mammograms and men their prostate checked annually. If you are new to Medicare “The New Welcome to Medicare” program includes an initial meeting with your doctor to determine your health needs and current Medicare users are entitled to an annual wellness visit. Always consult your doctor on your annual tests and exams needed.

5. Manage Stress:

Stress can cause many health complications that include anxiety, loss of appetite, heart issues, etc. There are many great ways to manage stress like yoga, meditation and regular light exercise. Spending time with friends and family, having fun, planning social interactions and events will increase your optimistic view on life and positive thinking. So go out there and have fun!

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