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Aging today is much different than it was for our parents and grandparents. Today, people are challenging stereotypes about getting older to create new realities of aging in the 21st century.

Realities of Aging

Aging has become more about living life to its full potential as people learn that their experiences have value and look for ways to make the most of their golden years.

At the same time retirees and soon-to-be retirees are realistic. They know their needs are changing, and although they may not like it, they face it head on.

Stress Shouldn’t Be the Norm

How you live your life in your golden years is a determining factor in how long you will live. Stress has been found to be detrimental to people of every age, but especially those who are older. In fact, researchers say that anxiety may be the most common mental struggle among the elderly.

There are many factors that can cause stress among those who are older. Illness, loss of a partner, and finances play big roles in feelings of anxiousness and fear. A new study found that 16% of older Americans experienced increasing amounts of financial strain over a period of 14 years, leading them to take up unhealthy habits and in turn negatively affect their health.

Reverse Mortgages Can Help

Thankfully, through reverse mortgages, more people of an older age are able to be set free of financial strain. In 2015 alone, nearly 55,000 people turned to a reverse mortgage to alleviate their financial stress by eliminating their mortgage payments and increasing their monthly incomes.

What reverse mortgages are proving is that they aren’t too good to be true. They are a life changing resource for many Americans who would otherwise be forced to live with their stress-inducing realities. This is how stereotypes are broken and deserving people live their golden years to their full potential.

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