How To Retire The Right Way

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how to retire

Whatever your retirement dream – from a home in the sun, a boat on a river, or simply digging about in the garden – all of these things are possible with careful planning. Here’s how to retire the right way: How to Retire: Patience Pays Off Financially speaking, the ‘cost of delay’ in terms of… Read more »

5 Spending Habits That Can Help You Retire Cheap

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retire cheap

Want to retire cheap? Baby boomers planning to retire are finding a new obstacle that their parents and grandparents didn’t face: living longer. This means that boomers have to be more diligent in their budgeting and savings, and need to stay in control of their life and adjust to living on a fixed income. It’s easy to… Read more »

Did You Know? Social Security Benefits Cut if You Retire Early

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social security benefits cut

Social Security Benefits Cut Alot of seniors are not aware if they retire early their social security benefits can be cut drastically. A typical social security retiree can start taking benefits as early as age 62, but your income will be substantially higher if you are willing to wait. Don’t let your social security benefits get… Read more »

Reverse Mortgage Myths

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Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and myths out there about Reverse Mortgages. It seems like uneducated individuals are spreading around the wrong facts about reverse mortgages. Remember not to listen to anyone and do you own research before making a conscientious decision about a reverse mortgage. Reverse Mortgage Myths There are a few myths that… Read more »