Things to Consider If You’re Retiring in 2017

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retiring in 2017

With 2016 coming to a close, retiring in 2017 is more and more likely for many seniors. Are you ready to launch the groundwork and foundation for a successful and stress-free departure from the workforce? Retiring in 2017 If you’re retiring in 2017, few things need to be put into consideration when it comes to your… Read more »

How Not To Spend Your Retirement Counting Pennies

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counting pennies

Counting pennies? If you’re considering retirement within the next five years or so, you’re about to be faced with a number of important choices, and the decisions you make before retirement, as well as during, can have long-lasting consequences or rewards. The choice is yours! Counting Pennies, No More The years leading up to retirement are… Read more »

How To Have Retirement Income For Life

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retirement income for life

Want to have retirement income for life? Planning for retirement involves breaking down lifestyle expenses and retirement income, then matching them to determine the odds that your savings and income support you for life.   To Have Retirement Income for Life, First Define Your Lifestyle Surviving retirement financially is less about having money for things… Read more »

Prepare For Retirement with These 5 Key Habits

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prepare for retirement

Did you know that over half of Americans don’t calculate how much they need to prepare for retirement? In fact, in 2014, 30% of private industry workers with access to a 401(k) plan did not participate. Because the average retiree spends about 20 years in retirement, planning head is extremely important. Let’s take a look… Read more »

The Modern Realities of Aging

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realities of aging

Aging today is much different than it was for our parents and grandparents. Today, people are challenging stereotypes about getting older to create new realities of aging in the 21st century. Realities of Aging Aging has become more about living life to its full potential as people learn that their experiences have value and look… Read more »