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Senior travel destinations can range from adventurous to relaxing. No matter where you decide to go, you’ll want to consider these 5 tips for senior travel. It’s a big undertaking – to make a trip truly unforgettable, keep these tips in mind.

1. Plan Ahead for Senior Travel

When your destination is confirmed, planning ahead is key to a stress-free senior travel. Research your

airlines for the shortest and direct flight. Sometimes paying a little extra for your trip will save

you time and hassle. Inquire about any frequent flyer clubs that will reward you with discounts

and free miles on your travels. Also, many airlines offer special services free of charge. To find

additional tips and deals on airline tickets visit


2. Request and Research Special Services

Prior to arriving at the airport and at the time of booking your ticket make sure to request any

special seating assignments you may need. Disabled seats are available and they offer more

room and are closer to the front exit of the plane. Wheelchairs and human assistance is offered

at no cost but tips are expected. Let the airline know at the time of booking that human

assistance and/or wheelchair will be needed otherwise they are not obliged to have these

services available to you.


3. Prepare Documentation

Government passport is the highest level of identification accepted by the TSA. If you do not

have a passport you can inquire about an application at your local post office or online. Only

official photos are accepted with the application. These photos can be taken at your local drug

store such as CVS or Walgreens. Make sure that the application along with 2 photo copies are

submitted months prior to your departure to ensure you receive your passport timely.

You should make 2 copies of your tickets/boarding passes, insurance cards, doctor statements

and prescriptions. Also, keep an emergency contact card for senior travel that has a phone number along with

a designated name of a person that will need to be contacted in case of an urgent situation.


4. Pack Light

To avoid delays or having to deal with missing or misplaced bags, do not check in your baggage.

Pack light and see if you can fit your belongings into a carry-on bag. Just remember not to rap

your gifts and have all your pills/prescriptions in a 1 quart plastic bag. Do not segregate your

medications into a pill box, make sure all your prescription pills are in their designated container

that features the pill information along with your name. Also, have any prescription statements

on hand.


5. Safety and Security

Thieves are everywhere especially in high traffic areas like airports. Make sure you do not carry

your purse on your shoulder or your wallet in your back pocket. The safest way to keep your

belongings like cash, passports and IDs is a money belt or neck cord that is hidden under your

clothes. When standing keep your carry-on between your feet and when sitting have the strap

of your carry-on on your shoulder. Be aware of your surroundings and if you need help don’t

hesitate to ask a security guard that is always nearby.

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