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It’s a scary situation if you are considering a reverse mortgage and you don’t know too much about it. I am so glad I contacted Michael Maly, with Z Reverse Mortgage, who wrote a whole page on reverse mortgages in my township bulletin. Michael is actually the second broker I contacted and I am so glad I did. The first broker evaluated my home so high, only to entice me to sign up with him, and then disappoint me later with a lower value once he had my business. I knew my home wasn’t worth as much as he proposed. “Timing is everything” . . . When I read Michael Maly’s article I called him immediately. He made me feel so comfortable and put my mind at ease answering all of my questions. He was courteous, honest, and is very trustworthy. Michael was very conservative when he projected the value of my house and the appraisal was “exactly” what Michael estimated what my home is worth. I was also impressed in how prompt he is in returning calls. Michael Maly is an expert on reverse mortgages and I will recommend Michael to anyone I know who is interested in a reverse mortgage.