Reverse Mortgages: No Longer The Last Resort

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by Michael Malyszko

Happy Clients:


I'm a widow living in Florida, in the home me and my husband once shared. After his death I realized that unless I went back to work to support myself I wouldn’t have the financial means to pay the bills.

Jan and John

In all the years we've lived in our home, we’ve never had the chance to purchase it, until now. And sadly, if we don’t commit to purchasing it quickly we’ll have to say goodbye to the house we raised our children in.

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About the Author

As the founder and CEO of Z Reverse Mortgage, Michael Malyszko has dedicated his career to providing senior citizens with the information and assistance they need in order to identify their ideal loan program, determine their property’s value, and begin the process towards greater financial stability.

In addition to lending his financial services to clients nationally Michael travels throughout the country presenting, speaking and educating. His credentials and life experiences make him a dynamic teacher and valuable industry leader to have on your side.

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